Das Porträt in Zeiten von Corona / Portraits in the Time of Corona / 20.03. – 12.06.2021

Das Porträt in Zeiten von Corona / Portraits in the Time of Corona

Janina C. Bruegel, Gloria Jarden, Suzan Schuttelaar

20.03 – 12.06.2021

About the exhibition

Portraiture, one of the oldest genres of painting, seems to be experiencing a revival in our time. Possibly this is related to the enthusiasm and influence of the selfie epidemic in social media and the increasing cult of personality in all areas of contemporary society.

Portraiture is particularly suited not only to depict personality, but also to make social and political contexts directly or indirectly visible. Throughout the ages, allegory in portraits has been very popular.

The reference of the title of the exhibition to the novel by Gabriel García Márquez “Love in the Time of Cholera” is not accidental. It is also about the rediscovery of an old love and its isolation in times of an epidemic.

In the current exhibition we have put together portraits by Janina C. Bruegel, Gloria Jarden and Suzan Schuttelaar that have reference to our feelings, emotions and sensations in this particular time of the Corona pandemic. Elderly people who are lonely, young people and minorities who are rebelling, families who are isolating themselves and artists who are working in isolation and desperately trying to give their creativity new platforms and participation. An exhibition inspiring to reflect.