Bettina Mauel / Alles bewegt / Everything moves / 23.01 – 04.04.2020

About the exhibition

Bettina Mauel’s pictorial language is characterized by self-conscious and fast strokes making you permanently sense the movements by her spontaneous and expressive artistic style.

Nature and dance are main themes in her work. Movements were key elements already during her studies at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf with Prof. Gerhard Richter and as a master student of Prof. Gotthard Graubner. Bettina Mauel grew up in Wuppertal and the dance ensemble around Pina Bausch was a rich and abundant source of inspiration in the course of her studies and early work.

In her recent work about nature and movements her artistic style is unmistakably and permanently present in a masterly quality. The brush strokes in her paintings about nature let everybody feel the breath of wind and the transience of the moment. The colors of water and flora suggesting the recipients the fragrance of nature transform the landscape in places of desire, in places to linger. This power of her paintings turns her works into something very special.