Bernd-Wolf Dettelbach / Von Menschen und … / Of Men and … / 15.05 – 15.08.2020

About the exhibition

Bernd-Wolf Dettelbach, Wassersitzer, 2018, Oil on canvas, 70 x 60 cm
Wassersitzer, 2018, Oil on canvas, 70 x 60 cm

Bernd-Wolf Dettelbach’s works of art show in a very sensitive way the diversity of human characters in the conflicting field between dream and reality. With a subtle sense of humor he depicts the surrealistic attempts of human (self-) expression. When looking at them, the viewer feels the need to explore the meaning of the characters and situations more closely.

This gift of artistically showing such multi-layered levels and contexts enables the viewers to empathize with the portrayed persons in their helplessness and bravura at the same time. Familiar emotions from one’s own world of experience reflect pity, amazement and astonishment.

This way of pictorial narrative has a long tradition in art. The best known are the mysterious scenes of Hieronymus Bosch and Jan and Pieter Breughel. Bernd-Wolf Dettelbach’s paintings stimulate the imagination and invite to an extensive discourse. The underlying meaning of the visual imagery only becomes apparent after a thorough examination of the at first glance perceived portrayal enabling all viewers to experience a longer-lasting contextual situation.


Heroes and Myths